Our Small 500 Watt Per Inch Unit

Ultraviolet (UV) technology produces the superior quality, cost savings and accelerated production that will speed your business past the competition. Fergesen Systems focuses 30 years of UV experience on delivering unrivaled application equipment to the print and manufacturing industries.

Consulting & Service: As early pioneers in the use of ultraviolet technology, we have the knowledge, tenacity and abilities to find cost effective and timely solutions to your application challenges. Tell us about your business, and we’ll tell you how you can take it to the next level, or simply call us to support your current equipment.

Coating & Curing Equipment: We pride ourselves on designing a complete system of application equipment, curing technology and materials that will transform your products, process and business. Let’s talk about the system that can transform your profits.

History: Since 1981, David Fergesen and the Fergesen Design Company has given businesses the edge in solvent free, environmentally safe, worker friendly coatings, inks, and adhesives. From that tradition sprang Fergesen Systems LLC, created by Robert Fergesen to meet the printing industry’s need for reliable and innovative coating and curing equipment. Together, the Fergesen Companies deliver powerful solutions built with water-based, hot melt and ultraviolet (UV) and other radiation (IR, EB) curing technologies.

We love to converse with businesses, small and large, about working with curing applications in the real world. I invite you to use the form on this page to tell us about your needs. Or contact us directly.

- Robert Fergesen

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