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fe-15b-in-operation-w The FE-15B Roller Coater is a completely enclosed UV Roller Coater system providing a high quality coating, yet remaining simple to operate and easy to maintain, making it the ideal solution for digital presses and printers looking to take their customers to the next level of quality.

2010 April 28
by rfergesen

Now Introducing The FE 6×24 Conveyor System

This conveyor is a perfect upgrade to our portable or hand-held curing systems.  It allows any handheld unit to be used as a cost effective benchtop lab curing system, and is built ruggedly enough to be used for on-the-road cure testing.  It has the following features:

  • Variable speed 5 – 100 FPM and includes an LED integral tachometer indicator for actual belt speed
  • A 90V DC gear-motor with chain-driven all-steel pulleys
  • Conveyor bed is 6″ x 24″ length and the belt is made of TeflonTM coated NylonTM for long lasting operation
  • Power required is 115V, 3amps; this unit can be plugged in anywhere
  • Uses all UL/CE components and electrical construction
  • Sturdy powder coated steel and aluminum (conveyor bed and vacuum box) construction
  • Built to travel: strong end handles, 16ga steel sides, and UHMW corner protectors
  • Can fit standard 3″, 5″ and 6″ curing heads (please specify)
  • Gives the unit great shielding for conveyor operations
  • Interchangeable mounting plates for use with almost any UV curing heads up to 11″ in total width
  • The curing unit mounting plate can be rotated 90 degrees to allow full-width curing, or high intensity curing down one strip in the middle
  • Strong 100CFM fan keeps unit cool and creates a slight vacuum under the part
  • Standard configuration allows parts of to 1″ thick, however, a lift kit can be added for parts up to 4″ thick

Energy savings with the new T-Series compact UV coating systems

2010 January 14
by rfergesen

FE-15T and FE-24T Energy Efficient T-Series Coating Systems


Our new line of Roller Coaters are designed to give an excellent quality coating in a very small footprint. As well, because they come standard with energy efficient electronic ballasts, they use a fraction of the energy required by similar coating systems. For more details, check out: All New T-Series Energy Efficient UV Coating Systems

LED Technology Advancements

2009 July 14
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by rfergesen

Fergesen Systems has completed our preliminary testing of a special line of UV coatings that have been tuned for our line of LED curing heads. Initial tests indicate that we are getting excellent curing characteristics up to at least 50 FPM with LED cure only, and may be able to get speeds of up to 75 FPM. LED technology will allow much less power usage, much fewer heat and exhaust problems, and has more than 10 times the bulb life.

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